Discover the beauty of Abruzzo!

Abruzzo Marina Hotel could be the starting point to discover the main attractions and the natural beauty of the region. Within one hour driving distance you can reach all internal destinations in Abruzzo and enjoy an unforgettable day trip .

The villages of Abruzzo are authentic pearls of beauty. Silvi, Atri, Castelli and Scanno are only a few names. Numerous festivals take place here, including the prestigious Flaiano Festival dedicated to the cinema, the Jazz Festival and the Fuori Uso for those who love contemporary art.


Silvi Alta or Silvi Paese, a medieval village built on a hill, 250 meters above sea level, once a defense garrison against the Saracens, offers a spectacular view on the whole Central Adriatic, from Ancona to the the Tremiti Islands and Gran Sasso. The village was founded by fishermen, who moved from the coastal village “Macrinum” or “Silva” the nowadays Silvi Marina to the hill. Interesting for visitros is the Church of San Salvatore with a fine bell-tower, built around 1100. In early June, Silvi celebrates its patron Saint Leo. This feast is also called ‘Ciancialone’ and it is a giant bonfire of about 15 metres high. Every year, at the end of July, streets are full of people dressed as in the past.



Duomo di Atri

Atri Chiostro

The town was famous and powerful in antiquity and is today one of the most important historical, cultural and artistic centers in Abruzzo. The surrounding landscape is also impressive for the canyon-like “calanchi” , geological formations caused by the erosion of clayey soil and the partly-unexplored caves.

The most important monuments in Atri include the 13th century Duomo – the Cathederal of Santa Maria Assunta, which was built on the remains of an earlier Romanesque church, and the Palazzo Ducale, the palace of the Acquaviva’s which is built on the highest point of land in the city. Also visit the Baroque style Church of St Reparata (the patron saint of the city), designed by Giovanni Battista Gianni in 1741. On the front of the church there is a 14th century statue of the saint while inside is a wooden canopy, the work of local artist Carlo Riccioni, who made it between 1677 and 1690.

In Atri centre you can see the Palazzo dei Duchi D’Acquaviva, built in the 14th century on the site of a Roman cistern, then fully renovated in the 16th century. Among other important buildings is the Municipal Theater, a building known for its excellent acoustic qualities and reminiscent on the outside of “La Scala” in Milan and on the inside of the “Teatro San Carlo” in Naples. Among the most interesting museums in Atri is the Capitular Museum divided into several sections, with an area devoted to painting and including many substantial works.


CASTELLI – The town of the Majolica

Famous all over the world for the production of the ceramics, Castelli rises during the Carolingia age (IX-X sec.) with the phenomenon of the “incastellamento” (building castle) that characterizes the cities in the High Middle Ages. Majolica is the name given to pottery with clear colored glazes.  Its defining characteristic is the tin glaze that gives these ceramics a brilliant white, opaque surface to paint on.

Known since pre-Roman times, in the XI century flourished under the influence of the Benedictine Abbey of San Salvatore, whose monks introduced the local population to ceramics. This art then achieved world stature from the XVI century onwards.
The village is famous for the production of the ceramics and still today it is possible to visit the numerous shops that characterize the entire center.

Not far from the village there’s the Church of Saint Donato in which is possible to admire splendid ceiling adorned with ceramics (‘600), maximum expression of the art of ceramics in Castelli.
The village, for its vicinity to Gran Sasso , is an ideal base of departure for excursions.


The Fortress of Civitella is the largest in Italy, the second in Europe after Hohensalzburg  in Salzburg, Austria. It is located on the top of a rocky cliff, being about 500 metres long and 45 metres wide, for a total surface of 25,000 square meters.
Civitella del Tronto is an ancient medieval village, which developed around a Bourbon fortress built during the Spanish domination between 1564 and 1576. The fortress was built on the northern border of the ancient Kingdom of two Sicilies at the boundaries with the Vatican State. Today Civitella is in the Abruzzi region, 15 km from Teramo and 18 km from Ascoli Piceno in the Marche region. The town offers landscapes of unparalleled beauty among the North-Eastern edge of the Monti della Laga and Monti dei Gemelli, in the natural Reserve of the Gole del Salinello.




Scanno is also classified as one of the most beautiful villages of Italy. With the route from Sulmona passing through the very scenic Sagittarius Valley and past the peaceful Scanno Lake is among the highlights of a visit. Scanno Lake is the principal leisure attraction here, and you can hire boats and paddleboats, bring a picnic or just enjoy one of the small lake beaches.

Among the most important churches in Scanno is the church of Santa -Maria della Valle, built in the local Romanesque style and containing some medieval frescoes and impressive altar. There are also a myriad of small churches to visit. Scanno is an established tourist destination due to its folklore, culture, arts, churches and the way women dress.

Nature is without a doubt the main actor of this region and preserves intact its ancient beauty. The famous Gran Sasso National Parks and Majella and, for those who prefer the sea, the nearby Marine Protected Area Torre del Cerrano and the beautiful Trabocchi coast are must-see destinations for those on holiday at Abruzzo Marina.

Majella National Park
The Majella park comprises nearly 100 square miles of pristine mountains and gasp-inducing canyons to enjoy. It is a high, imposing, wild mountain group which is part of the world heritage of National Parks. Majella National Park is characterized by a territory dominated by mountains: as a matter of fact, the 55% of it is over the 2,000 meters. It also includes widelands with peculiar wilderness features, the most precious and rare part of the biodiversity national heritage, important not only at European, but also at world level.
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National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga
Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park is situated in the heart of the Apennines and it is spread out across the province of Teramo, L’Aquila, Pescara, Rieti and Ascoli Piceno.It is one of the largest parks in Italy. It offers a number of proposals, itineraries and visits for every season thanks to the richness of its habitats, its massifs, and thanks to the charming historical-architectonical evidences it preserves.

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Marine Protected Areas Torre di Cerrano
The stretch of water of Torre del Cerrano Marine Protected Area includes two different environmental typologies strictly related: the characteristic Adriatic sandy dunes characterizing the largest section of the area, and some stretches of bottom cliffs, including both the semi-submerged boulders of the ancient port of Atri and the submerged structures of the provincial marine nature sanctuary, as well as some outcrops of conglomeratic geological formations.

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Trabocchi Coast
“La costa dei Trabocchi” is part of the province of Chieti and represents a unique panorama similiar to the one seen on the coasts of Portugal and Scotland. Its name comes from the trabocchi- an elaborate form of fishing platform or dock, spread along the coastline.
The trabocchi, are located on the Adriatic coast between the Italian cities of Ortona and Vasto comprising San Vito Chietino, Rocca San Giovanni, Fossacesia. In the summer they are open for visitors who are interested in how the trabocco was used to catch fish from the sea. The atmosphere is very romantic in the evening and some trabocchi offer a wonderful opportunity – to have dinner listening to the placid waves of the Adriatic Sea.

Choose among rafting, kayak, trekking, mountain bike and adventurous parks to find yourself in close contact with nature and experience it in all its forms

Sailing and snorkeling in Pescara
Discover the beauties of the coast living the freedom of the sea…
An experienced skipper will head you in an unique experience among the coasts and a tourist guide will make you discover the beauties of the coast seen by the sea. Relax stops, baths, snorkeling and much joy!

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Excursions on the Tirino River (PE)
Experiencing one of the most beautiful rivers in Italy in canoe or kayak is the best way to relax your body and mind. The crystalline waters, the luxuriant vegetation and the rich fauna will accompany you in this fantastic itinerary. Starting from San Martino in the municipal district of Capestrano (AQ) you can go up the river and the springs of Capo d’Acqua, where you can get a regenerating bath into the cold waters of Tirano.

Who is keen on mountain biking does not have to miss the chance to explore a “hidden” spot of Abruzzo. Centro Visite Fiume Tirino di Bussi is a starting point for a variety of itineraries for all tastes and with different level of difficulty.

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Adventure Park Majella
Majella Adventure Park a is an acrobatic park situated among pines of Piana delle Mele – Guardiagrele (Ch). The activity of the Adventure Park consists in doing more of 150 games suspended among trees, walking on gangways, Tibetan bridges and Tyrolese breath-taking tunnel, everything is done ensuring maximum safety and with the assistance of qualified personnel. The participants, after putting on their security equipment (harness, safety helmet, headdress and gloves), will attend a briefing about safety procedures.

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A Caramanico Terme (PE), i sentieri sterrati della Majella Occidentale con i suoi panorami mozzafiato e safari anche notturni possono essere goduti a bordo del quad. Info e Prenotazioni:


From the hills to the countryside and from the sea to the mountains, horseback riding or horse trekking will let you live the emotions to be in touch with nature.

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Shopping negli outlet e nelle boutique di moda. Città Sant’Angelo Village, Iper Pescara Nord, IKEA o shopping in centro a  Pescara. Pronto per un tour a caccia di vestiti?

Another shopper’s paradise is Pescara Centre. It offers designer boutiques and fashion brand shops such as Gucci, Fendi and Prada. Visitors can head to Corso Umberto I, Corso Vittorio Emanuele or Nicola Fabrizi and experience a “full shopping immersion” not only into the big fashion brands, but also into the range of well-known chains such as Calliope and H&M .



Città San’t Angelo Outlet is the first Factory Outlet Centre of the Adriatic Coast, just 10 minutes driving distance from Abruzzo Marina Hotel. Its architecture is inspired by the medieval edifices and incorporates typical regional stylistic elements. The open-air village hosts more than 80 fashion brands shops and offer great discounts all year long. For more information visit:



Open from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 20 pm, Ikea is ubicated San Giovanni Teatino (CH), just opposite to the Autostrada A14 Pescara Ovest-Chieti exit, at about 20 Km from the Abruzzo Marina Hotel.



Set in San Giovanni Teatino, at 50 mt from Ikea, just close to the Autostrada exit Pescara Ovest-Chieti,  Decathlon is the world’s biggest sports retailer for swimming, cycling, running, trekking and much more.